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Cambridge and District Branch

To report animal emergencies, cruelty or neglect call the National RSPCA Helpline on 0300 1234 999


Contact us

Cambridge Animal Clinic: 01223 247 986

Cambridge Charity Shop, Emporium61, 61 Burleigh St: 01223 312 802

Cambridge Charity Shop, 188 Mill Road: 01223 212 644

Newmarket Charity Shop, 10A Market St: 01638 662 053

Cambridge & District Animal Rehoming: 01638 508 316 or (preferably) email

RSPCA Cambridge Branch: 07742 658 086 (for non-urgent enquiries please email as answerphone messages may not be picked up)

If you need to find a vet near Cambridge and are not eligible for assistance by us (see our Animal Clinic page for details), you can find a local vet by entering your postcode on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website. Please note that this website is not affiliated to the RSPCA and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of other websites.

Please wait until the evening/weekend for non-urgent calls and be aware that this number is answered by a volunteer who is also trying to do other tasks.

Please note: This is just an ordinary mobile phone, so you will not be charged for more than the normal cost of a phone call to a mobile. However, we can normally only help you with problems which occur within our own branch area.