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The Ten Point Plan

As an independent charity we are always looking for ways to raise more funds to ensure that we can continue to provide vital animal welfare services to the Cambridge region. So we have come up with this 10-point plan to show just how much of a difference you would be making if you could help us out with even just one of the points.

  1. If 400 people all donated just one carrier bag of saleable items at any of our charity shops, it would raise £4,000
  2. If they all completed a Gift Aid form that would add another £1,000.
  3. If 20 people with an interest in books and reading volunteered for half a day each week at our second hand bookshop at 188 Mill Road we'd raise an extra £12,000 each year.
  4. If 5 more people volunteered for half a day each week at our Burleigh Street shop we'd raise an extra £200 per week, £10,000 over the course of a year, by increasing the rate at which donations could be processed for sale.
  5. If 100 extra people visited our shops each week and all made just one purchase at each visit it would raise £13,000.
  1. If 200 people from our branch area did nothing other than join the RSPCA, we would have £1,000 as our share of their subscription fees.
  2. If 20 of them regularly attended our AGM each year we wouldn't have the annual worry that the AGM would be invalid and need to be held again, due to low turnout.
  3. If 2 of them were prepared to join our committee it would mean we could be certain of having enough trustees to comply with the regulations for a valid RSPCA branch.
  4. If 100 people each volunteered to collect for just one hour during RSPCA week we'd raise £2,400.
  5. If 10 people each got together with friends and organised their own fundraising event (coffee morning, open garden, car boot sale etc) they'd raise £1,000.